Saturday, November 18, 2006

Patience is rewarded! (who's she?) New Playlist on The Olio!

A new playlist with some new tracks are (finally) on CJ's Radio Olio! Who are the Artistes added to the mixture of Olio sounds? The rookies are: Agnes Malabey - Badfinger - Beatallica - BeeGees - Big Star - Billy Vera - B.J.Thomas - Blunt - Bob Newhart - Box Tops - Brook Benton - Firesign Theatre - Glen Campbell - Godfrey Cambridge - Guerino Et Son Orchestre Musette & Django Reinhardt - Iggy Pop - James P.Johnson - Jimmy Ruffin - Judy Garland w/ Barbra Streisand - Little Richard - Madeline Flash - National Lampoon - Pardon Me Boys - Planet of Women - Ray Charles - Robert Klein - Sam Cooke - Sheena Morris - Shoes - Soulhat - Steampacket - Switchblade Kittens - The Clash - The New Pornographers - The Raconteurs - The Sheds - Walking Wounded - Weird Al Yankovich - What Made Milwaukee Famous - and the Yardbirds.
I beg your indulgence for a moment. I've been fighting a particularly bad patch of Depression the last couple of months. I've been dealing with Clinical Depression for almost 40 years, & it's a process of surviving the lows with all the knowledge & perseverance you can muster. And you CAN come out of it. But it's a biotch when you're in one nasty funk, as opposed to listening to some nasty funk. ;-)
I'll try to do better.
Love & Peace, Clarence

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