Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Extra! Nearly Hip Playlist on CJ's Radio Olio!!

Unit rotation is what armies do to move fresh troops into an area. CJ's Radio Olio adds tracks and sends a fresh playlist into your ears.
Which artistes are newly added? Annuals - Artisian - Barbra Streisand - Beirut - Cheese on Bread - Delia Derbyshire - Dion - Griffin and the True Believers - Heartless Bastards - Inner Surge - New Cassettes - Organ Failure - Out of Clouds - Panic! at the Disco - Patrice Pike - Richard Laviolette - Slow Hand Motem - Strap-On Tools - Tamsen and Elliot - The Lemonheads - The Petty Bones - The Postmarks - The Sweethearts - Thunderbirds are Now! - Tom Waits - and White Demons. A lotta newer stuff and some old Faves too.
Until next time, enjoy The Olio's eclectic sounds...you'll never hear anything else like it!
Love and Peace, Clarence

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