Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Becky Juro Podcast added to the CJ's Radio Olio lineup

CJ's Radio Olio is proud to announce the addition of "The Becky Juro Podcast" to it's webcasting schedule. Becky Juro is host of the "Becky Juro Show", webcast Live Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm US Central time on QMO and rebroadcast during the week on TransFM . The podcast is a less structured program than the live show: just Becky and a microphone, talking about life, career, philosophical, and political issues. Becky's perspectives as a Transgender female are unique, savy, intelligent, and sometimes surprising. Becky's humor and joy in communicating make "The Becky Juro Podcast" an entertaining hour each week.

"The Becky Juro Podcast" will run on CJ's Radio Olio scheduled to allow people worldwide to listen, even those without a '9 to 5' lifestyle. It will air (all times US Central Daylight Time/GMT -05:00) Fridays at 9pm, Saturdays at 3am, 9am, and 3pm, Mondays at 9pm, and Tuesdays at 3am, 9am, and 3pm. And, of course it will still be availible as a weekly podcast at, as well as through the iTunes Music Store.

Rebecca Juro is an internet radio veteran and host of both the "Becky Juro Show" and "The Becky Juro Podcast". Becky was born male, and made the decision to live as a female. Becky's a Transgender activist, a retail employee, a resident of New Jersey, and a tall person.

CJ's Radio Olio is streamed through . The Olio is an eclectic, freeform mix of music and sound across all genres and ranging from 100 years ago to last week's Indie releases. It was begun over four years ago by Bit-Jockey-in-Chief Clarence Jones.

Thanks Becky!
Love & Peace, Clarence

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