Monday, May 22, 2006

Hey Brothers and Sisters...time for something that means nothing, but means Everything...the Olio Top 25! Yep, as rated by You the Listeners, it's the top twenty-five (with ties, thirty) tracks for the past 30 days on CJ's Radio Olio. As always, the chart is availible here:
What can be said about this month's bunch? They range from the early '20s to last year; Blues to EuroPop to Both Kinds of music! (Country AND Western!). In other words, typically eclectic sounds for a classy audience. ;-)
Check out CJ's Radio Olio's Top 25 here (, and check out the Real.Extreme.Freeform. sound of the Olio here: ( MMmmmmmmm...Tasty.
Love & Peace, Clarence

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