Monday, April 17, 2006

Want some Stoner Rock,20's and 30's Blues, or recent Indie? How about a little Punk and a splash of Broadway? Check out the new playlist at CJ's Radio Olio for that and much more.
Who's been added to the Olio's Extreme Freeform sounds? Glad you asked! The Artistes added are: Anti-Flag - Atomic Number 76 - Audiogarde - Black Mountain Creeper - Bumble Bee Slim - Dev/Null - Doormouse - Drumcorps - El Trio Cubano - Guillemots - Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Orbach - Joseph Spence - Josh Rouse - Judy Garland - Kelly Stoltz - the Lakeside, GA High School Marching Band - Lord Sitar - Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough - Mantis - Michael Murphey - Modey Lemon - Nat King Cole Trio -OhNo! Oh My! - Otto Pyykkonen - Petra Haden - Pipedown - Psilocybride - Svenghali - The Daisies - The Voids - Thunderbirds are Now! - Tommy Keane - Virus Nine - and Winston Holmes and Charlie Turner.
You'll find the same variety 24/7 at CJ's Radio Olio, availible through Try it: You'll like it!
Love and Peace, Clarence

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