Friday, July 29, 2005

HoyHoyHoy! Also, hello. We here at cj's radio olio (darned schizophrenia) are proud to announce a BIG update & a new playlist a-streamin'. When I say BIG I mean Ninety new tracks for your enjoyment! Who are these Artistes? Lemme give ya da list:
Al Jolson - Another Sunny Day - Antenna Thief - Barbara Rosenblatt - Bassholes - Benny Goodman Sextet (v. Peggy Lee) - Billy the Kid Emerson - Blondie - Boyracer - Brook Benton - Bulette - Cagey House - Caninus - Chagga - Cheap Trick - Cheese on Bread - a Chinguano Indian - the Circle Jerks - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Deerhoof - Dick Powell - DinBot - Dizzy Gillespie - Doors vs. Blondie (2 out of 3 falls!) - East River Pipe - Eddie Cantor - Eels - fIREHOSE - Flipper - Frankie Laine - Germs - Glenn Miller and the AAF Band - His Name is Alive - Inara George - Joan Jett - Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Kinski - Kitchen Cinq - Les Baronnets - Matisyahu - Minutemen - Mirage - Mose Vinson - Mr. Mark Doiel - Mudhoney - Of Montreal - Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra (v. Harriett Nelson) - Paralisis Permanente - Peerless Quartet - Phusion - Q and Not U - Red Skelton - RKL - Rodd De Luxe Syncopators - the Stanley Brothers - Teenage Fanclub - Tegan and Sara - The Carter Family - The La's - The Lemon Pipers - The Love Experts - The Muggs - The Peanuts - The Posies - The Shins - The Shoes - The Snow Fairies - The Soviettes - The Spectacular Fantastic - The Tape-beatles - The Zombies - TheLaw - Tigrics - Too Much Fun - Trembling Blue Stars - Two Nice Girls - and Van and Schenck. Whew!
I want to remind everyone of the olio's Content Rules: if it sounds good, I'll put it in the playlist. I don't edit tracks to cut out any language, and I don't keep tracks off the stream due to ideas or imagery. The tracks you hear on cj's radio olio don't reflect any particular point of view. In the 100+ years of recorded sound, there have been performers (or occasionaly whole genres of music) that today we as a Society would not endorse or support. But, I feel that to ignore them completely would be to give a false version of History. I won't do that. It would be easier to get more listeners if I cut out certain tracks, and that's fine if that's what you are looking for. And I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to have more listeners. But that's not what I started this webcast for three and a half years ago. I started it to share my eclectic tastes in music. And that's what cj's radio olio is about and will continue to be about. Remember what one of my Heroes, R.D.Davies said: "It's only music, only jukebox music".
Love and Peace.

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