Thursday, March 3, 2005

Hidie-Hidie-Hidie-Howdy, music lovers! I've subtracted and added tracks to total up a new playlist on cj's radio olio. Added to the mixture are: Arden and Ohman - Benny Goodman Sextet (and Benny Goodman and His Orchestra) - Betty Hall Jones (no relation) - Blue Lu Barker - Charlie Parker Quintet - Day of Reclipse - Del Thorne and her Trio - Element of Chaos (no relation) - Emile Vacher - Ensenadas - Eric Idle - Ethel Waters - Haiducii (no relationship) - Jackie Shannon - Joe Dyson - John Raitt - King Krooners (no relatives) - Last Stand - Leo Kottke - Maria Escrihuela - Maria Precup (no relation to previous Maria) - Moise Zepa - Moonrays - Nat King Cole Trio - Paper Moon (no relation to John McEnroe) - Planet Melvin - Ravens - Ray Bat - Robert Maxwell - Sandalov's Balalaika - Scott Walker (no relation to the Other Walker Brother) - Starch Martins - The Apology - The Authorities - The Dead of Summer (no relation to Edgar or Johnny Winter) - The Detroit Cobras - The Grays Ct. - The Mandrakes - The Original Six - The Unleaded - along with some Unknown Romanians, and Announcements from The United States Government circa 1960...when we felt safer...???
Love and Peace.

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