Thursday, February 10, 2005

Good News to announce for those who are annoyed by annoying pop-ups:
no more pop-ups on the olio's Geocities website!
Through a small financial arrangement, (& all other pages on my site) are Ad Free! Nothing to block the upper right of your monitor again. :)

In other olio news, if you use any of these online webblog directories, Feed Burner, Feedster, BlogDigger, Moreover,, Syndic8, My Yahoo!, Blog Rolling, Technorati, PubSub, or BlogStreet, they will now all be notified (via PingOMatic) when the olio blog (Words to Hear Music By @, it's Atom feed (, & it's RSS feed ( are updated. So, within a short time afterwards they will have the latest from cj's radio olio.

Also, you can always join the tribe (The Olio People) at to converse with other olio types. The word about the olio is flyin' out the door & all over the world!
Love & Peace, Clarence

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