Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cheri Smithson has a great idea. She's asked that February 1st be (unofficially) declared National 'Photography in the Age of Homeland Security' Day. Take photos on the 1st of highways, overpasses, parks, bridges, canals, rivers, and other Public Places owned by the People of your Locality, State, or the USA.

This does NOT mean sneak onto an Air Force base or something similarly stupid. Public areas are owned by us & we take pictures of them for any number of purposes: historical (both general & family), beauty, as background, business, etc. But, in some parts of the country, you can be threatened or hauled in & your private property (camera & film) can be taken from you for taking a photograph of a Public Place. As a historically-minded person, this is insane. If someone is taking pics of a secret item or area, lock 'em up & try them on spying charges. But, do NOT tell me that I can't take a photo of the 22nd Ave. Overpass here in Meridian because I MIGHT be a spy or a Terrorist who could use that pic (there's thousands of postcards they could buy at a Flea Market with the same pic on it) to disrupt this country.

Security Forces - do your jobs: catch the bad folks. Leave me to take my photos of Public Spaces.
Love & Peace, Clarence

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