Saturday, December 11, 2004

For the next couple of weeks, is making Gift Certificates availible for those who wish to give the gift of Great Radio to their friends. These certificates can also be given to Broadcasters to show appreciation & help pay the bills. :) Here's the info:

1. Visit this link:
2. If you wish to donate to a broadcaster, select "Or select a dollar amount" and indicate how much you wish to
donate in the drop down box.
3. Complete the checkout process. Please be sure to
include the email address of the intended recipiant, for instance oliotalk[at], as this is
Live365 will be able to deliver the certificate to them.

Btw, any & all support to the above e-mail address will result in you being loved beyond words. And, if you have a new car gathering dust, I'll be willing to take that off your hands for free! Just another service of cj's radio olio.
Love & Peace, Clarence

ps: Yeah, I forgot that the Live365 maintenece outage was this evening...or rather, I didn't realize that Saturday got here so fast.

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