Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Another week...another dollar-and-a-quarter (Net!!)...another playlist on the olio! The newbies in the playlist are 3 Faced (that's a band-not a comment) - Bad Religion - Beans - Blossom Seeley - Cadallaca - Death by Chocolate (mmmmm...) - Descendents - Dow Jones and the Industrials - Gang of Four (yay!) - Garnet Mimms - Loretta Lynn - The Miles Davis Quintet - Motorhead - Refused - Sly and the Family Stone (yay!) - The Dorsey Brothers - The Hives - The Make Up - The Rolling Stones - The Wipers - and Tindersticks. Also added are tracks by Calexico and Robert Johnson. All genres all the time continues on the olio. Enjoy!
Love and Peace.

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