Sunday, July 11, 2004

To commemorate the ink pen I stuck in the a/c outlet staying on the job for over five weeks,it's a new playlist at the olio! Adding to the sounds are new attendees All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors - Bad Religion - Bee Gees - Bill Mattinson - Cliff Edwards - Cursive - Dagoba - Death by Stereo - Eddie Elkins Orchestra - Felix Mendelsohn and his Hawaiian Seranaders - Ferrante and Teicher - Georgia Washboard Stompers - H.P.Lovecraft - Harry Richman - Iron and Wire - James Brown - Jimmy Ruffin (from Meridian,MS!) - Lomov - Love Unlimited Orchestra - Modest Mouse - Montana - Never Underestimate Human Stupidity (yes,it's Long Band Names Week here at the olio) - NOFX - On a Pale Horse - Pavement - Rancid - Robyn Hitchcock - The Black Keys - The Replacements - The Rolling Stones - Wire - & X-Ray Pop. Also,new (to the playlist) music from Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. Enjoy the Snowy Sounds of cj's radio olio! (That is,those of you in the Southern Hemisphere)
Love & Peace.

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