Friday, February 27, 2004

OK...another hand-coded miracle from the olio's Webmaster (master...heh heh...)...

a site overhaul at cj's radio olio!
Now,recent visitors won't notice much visible difference. But,I finally got enough CSS into my head (& onto my hard drive in text form) to redo the main page without tables!! (There are tables used on the Live365 Webring link,but I can't control that) I have validated the HTML & the CSS with auto validators,& tried them out with IE 6,Mozilla 1.5,& Firebird 0.7. The only glitch was the first look in Mozilla was horribly wrong,but,when I refreshed the page,it showed up just fine. Ah...progress:our most important product...(think I heard that somewhere?!?)

Also,cj's radio olio now has it's own RSS feed! If you have an RSS reader/aggregator,copy & paste . I'll update once-twice a week,or more if I can.

Enjoy! Love & Peace.

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