Monday, January 26, 2004

HowdyHowdy Music Lovers! At cj's radio olio,we've whipped up a creamy delight of music & entertainment...for your Dining & Dancing Pleasure we've added Alan Freed,Andre 3000,Ann Miller,Ben Stein,Bob Barker,the Boptones,Buck Owens & his Buckaroos,Cats & the Fiddle,Clint Eastwood,the Colts,Connie Smith,Crazy Cow,Das Pop,Del Thorne,Desi Arnaz,Dion,Disturbed,Rosemary Clooney(George's Aunt!),Frank Sinatra w/Duke Ellington & his Orchestra,Freddie Cannon,Gene Wilder,Marty Feldman,Peter Boyle,Goldie Hawn,Harrison Ford & Sean Young,Irene Ryan,Jack Greene,James Caan,Jerry Lee Lewis,Jim Bakkus,Jimi Hendrix,Jimmy Owens,John Astin,John Cleese & Kevin Kline,John Gregory,John Huston,John McEnroe,JOnathan Miller,Jose Feliciano,Julie Kavner,Larry Linville,Alan Alda,Matthew Broderick,the Miller Sisters,Moe the Bartender,Mr. Drysdale,Otto & Bartdude,Pinky & the Brain(Narf!),Ramones,Ray Batts,Rick Moranis,Riot Squad,Ronald Reagan,Rutger Hauer,Sandy Becker,Shelby Lynne,Signal,the Starlarks,Steve Martin,Sugar Bear,Sugarcult,Suicide,Taj Mahal,Teddy & the Patches,The Electric Company,The Flys,The Temptations,Tindersticks,the Titans,To My Surprise,the UNC Clef Hangers,Unit 4+2,Warren William,Wheeler & Woolsey,& the Immortal Groundskeeper Willy to the cast already bringing you melody & mirth (hopefully in the correct order)! Enjoy!
Love & Peace.

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