Monday, December 29, 2003

Got a 'See 2003 Go Away~2004,Enter & Sign In Please' playlist installed this P.M. Among the Superstar acts added to the olio soundscape are Bongwater,Max Blues Bailey,Nichols & May,Richard Harris,the Five Satins,Don Rickles & Buster Keaton,Ginger Rogers,Daffy Duck (singing!),Fred McGriff,Punky's Dilemma,Tommy Ruick,Harvey Lembeck,Tuff Green,Elf,Solid Doctor,Stereophonics,Jimmy Wages,Black Sabbath,Loudon & Martha Wainwright,Bob Lett, & Nature Boy Ric Flair (NOT singing!).
Come to the ONLY place,online or off,that's brave enough to program like this: cj's radio olio !
Love & Peace.

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