Monday, October 6, 2003

Wanna know what this is About? My Radio Station,cj's radio olio,that's what! Also there may be references to my actual life off-line. Right now that's non-existent,so let's get to the olio,shall we?
cj's radio olio is a freeform(& I do mean freeform)stream of music & entertainment flowing through Included in the changing group of files I draw from for playlists are music & spoken word files that date from 1897 up to this year. What style(s) of music,you ask? It's easy to say what I don't have(right now):symphonic & small-group classical,ambient,electronica,& house mixes. And the only reason those aren't included right now is that I don't know much about them,& I'm real flat broke.:-(
Want an example of this ecclecticism? Here's 10 files from my current playlist:Prince-She Gave Her Angels(from The Muppet Show;Charlie Pride-Wonder Could I Live There Anymore;Glen Miller & his Orchestra-In the Mood;Gil Scott-Heron -The Revolution Will Not Be Televised;The Thermals-God Damn the Light;Zero Mostel & cast-Comedy Tonight!;Bing Crosby-Gay Love;The Box Tops-'60's Coca Cola Ad;Dylan Thomas reading his poem The Force;& Groucho Marx. But that's this week...
To feel the love,go to my station site at,cj's radio olio (registration is simple,but required).If you'd like some more info on the olio try my website. I'll do my darndest (or more) to keep you updated via this blog. Next time...same bat-channel!

Love & Peace,Clarence
cj's radio olio

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